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Contact CNB "Lifting the Burden Autism Helpline" on 0800 121 6600


CNB is being supported by the  the National Lottery Community Fund to set up the this project.  More details can be found on our Projects page. Link

Lifting the Burden offers an Autism Telephone Helpline here in Brent to provide support for parents and carers in the Ghanaian Community where English is not their first language and who struggle with reading and writing English and have children or young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

How to contact us

Call our free phone support number 0800 121 6600 or refer someone to us by email – [email protected]

The helpline is available: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am-2pm (excluding Bank Holidays)

Tips for autistic people and families from the National Autism Society. 

This unprecedented period of change and disruption is very difficult for many autistic people and families.  Remember it’s not forever and there are lots of things you can do that may make things easier.
Top tips for families

Step 1: Support your autistic family member to understand the changes

Step 2: Put in structure, support and new routines to manage anxiety

Step 3: Focus on activities and learning to keep things positive

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We all know that the playing field isn't always level. People arrive in life with different talents and variable resources. That's why this partnership between Ghanaians and Creating New Beginnings works. We are not handing out cash. We provide the school, monitor the teachers, have exchange programmes in place and create awareness with partnership organisations.